Mba Strategy - Corporate Planning and Management

The Link Campus University Postgraduate School MBA Programme reviews internal barriers to business expansion, and creates ways to help entrepreneurs building more successful businesses.

How a company plans and manages its business and human resources plays a significant role in determining whether that business will succeed or fail.

Mba Strategy: Academic profile and Career Impact

CORPORATE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENTThe Mba in Strategy - Corporate Planning and Management is committed to form leaders capable of:

  • planning their organizational growth and business goals, with regular reviewing and revision;
  • effectively targeting the financial strategies in order not to miss financing opportunities;
  • being adaptable and willing to change the company infrastructure to match the businessā€™s current growth stage;
  • professionalizing the business infrastructure as the company moves out of the chaotic startup and fast growth stages;
  • paying adequate attention to organizational culture during the growth stages without losing the values and the spirit of the new company;
  • developing connections with colleagues, competitors and markets; open the mind to new assumptions;
  • upgrading management skills as the companies grow;
  • adequately planning for succession without risking vulnerability for oneself and the companies.

Link Campus UniversityĀ Postgraduate School has built an international reputation in forming leaders through innovation and excellence.

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